GAwesomeBot is fully customizable bot, from commands to extensive moderation features, everything can be configured to your server's needs. In this wiki page, we'll be exploring the magical depths of GAwesomeBot's magical Admin Console, and how you can get the most out of your server's configuration. If you haven't added GAwesomeBot to your server yet, do so now!

Logging In

Everything starts with Authentication. We use a so-called "OAuth" process to authenticate that you own your discord account. By clicking "Log In" in the upper-right corner, you'll be guided through a very simple process which verifies you for us. Note that by selecting "Authorize" on that page, you agree to hand us the following information:

Scope Purpose
Username and Avatar Allows us to confirm your identity
What servers you're in Allows us to create a list of servers you can configure
Your email address Allows us to confirm the fact that your Discord Email is verified

This information is stored on our servers. Learn more about our Privacy Policy here.

Once you've authorized GAwesomeBot, you'll be redirected to your list of servers, where you can select your server to configure.

Admin Console

In the Admin Console, server Admins will be able to configure every aspect of GAwesomeBot to their server's likings. Commands, Extensions, a powerful but simple to understand permissions system; we got it all!

You need at least Admin Level 3 in order to access your server's configuration. To learn more about Admin levels, go here.

Section Short Description
Overview An overview of your server's activity in the past week.
Command Options Various settings that changes several ways all commands function.
Command List A list of all basic commands, which can be disabled per channel or restricted per admin level.


The Overview page is the Admin Console's landing page, it provides a brief description of your server's activity on GAwesomeBot the past week, and some additional info about the server, by showing

  • Total Members
  • The Server Owner
  • The amount of messages today
  • The most-used Command in the past week
  • The Top most-active member in the past week
  • The most played game in the past week
  • The server member with the most GAwesomePoints

Command Options

Some Command Options apply to all commands, or a section of commands, these options are configurable on this page. You can edit the command prefix (Default @mention), the GAwesomeBot Chatter Bot settings, a cooldown period for commands, and more! Apart from these global options, you can also change the amount of content commands should fetch and display within one response, this, of course, only applies to commands that fetch lists of results, such as google or wikipedia.

Public Data

By default, GAwesomeBot displays your server on its Activity Page. To disable this behavior, or fine tune how your server is displayed, the Public Data page can be used. Your server isn't joinable from the Activity Page by default, enable the Allow anyone to join <YOUR SERVER> from the server listings page slider to allow anyone visiting the Activity Page to join your server. Once your server is joinable, you can choose a category for, and write a description about, your server. This description will be publically displayed on your server's entry in the Activity Page.

Activity Page Guidelines

The Activity Page has a set of guidelines to keep it safe and ordered. Not all servers qualify for an entry on the Activity Page. If your server does not meet the following requirements, please disable your server's entry on the Activity Page, this can be done by disabling the Show <YOUR SERVER> on the server listings page slider. To qualify for an entry on the Activity Page, your server must:

  • NOT contain any sexually suggestive content in its title, icon, description or general theme.
  • NOT be extremely offensive or discriminative in its title, icon, description or general theme. Political themed servers are permitted to a reasonable extent.
  • Have a description and category that accurately reflect the server.
  • Follow and enforce Discord's Terms of Services.

If your server does not meet the above requirements, it may be banned from the Activity Page. Don't worry - you're not in bad standing and your server will not suffer any other consequences. Servers that are banned from the Activity Page will continue to count towards the server and messages totals, but will not have their entry show up in the Activity Page. Bot Maintainers always reserve the right to ban servers where they see fit, even if for reasons not mentioned above. To get unbanned, simply make sure your server meets the requirements and request an appeal on our support server.