What's cooking in GAwesomeBot's pot and some updates on what we are up! Announcement

By Vladdy, published 2 years ago

🎉 We have some Big News! 🎉

Hello, this is your resident ping doer developer Vladdy here, and we have some important news and changes that are happening RIGHT NOW and in the future of GAwesomeBot! That's right, we're still alive and are chugging along, and we have some BIG PLANS, and I think you're ready for some spoilers, eh?

Bot Verification

As you may (or may not) know, Discord "recently" announced the Bot Verification Program which is awesome, and we love it! You're probably wondering then what's up, and why we're gathering you all here.. In short, we are officially verified ✔️!

That's right, our lovely bot is all grown up now, and has a beautiful tick next to it's name! Check it out, isn't it amazing? (if it doesn't show on your client, a quick CTRL + R should solve it)

Quick caveats

Due to some internal limitations as well as certain policies, statistics have been disabled (for now), and removed from most places in your dashboard / commands! Now, before you pitch fork at me, please read the What's planned for the future section; trust me you will LOVE IT!

Self-Hosters and support for them

Please put those pitch forks away, I didn't even say what will change…

GAwesomeBot has always been focused on self hosters. The bot's development was largely structured around keeping the experience for self hosters as simple as possible. With the next version of GAwesomeBot, we will be stepping away from this focus. Starting with GAB Next, Self Hosting will no longer be supported officially.

What does this mean exactly? Rest assured, self hosting will still be possible. However, we will not be providing any official support or documentation guiding you through the process. The existing documentation for V4 will continue to be sufficient to self-host V4. Support for all self-hosting will become community-only. This doesn't mean you won't necessarily be helped in our server! However, the team won't be able to officially offer support.

Per the Bot Verification section above, we are also handling self hoster instances and bot verifications differently. We ask you kindly that, if you self host GAwesomeBot for yourself and want to grow it and get it verified, you will do the following minimum steps:

  • Replace all mentions of the word GAwesomeBot with your bots name
  • Replace all of GAwesomeBot's official assets with custom ones
  • Add a credit section that links to our GitHub and/or our bot domain

We don't like being strict, but failure to comply with this list will prompt us to contact Discord, potentially leading to the removal of your verification badge.

What's planned for the future?

Oh hoho, we have quite a lot planned for the future, and we hope (and we both know how we and time estimates are…) that we will get this done BY 2021 (no guarantees or refunds tho)! What's this you might ask. Well, let Vladdy here give you a quick rundown:

  • We are rebuilding our entire bot from scratch to make it scalable-first, fast, responsive, and easy to use while still bringing you amazing features!
    • This means less downtime and an experience as snappy as we can get it!
  • We have a brand new dashboard experience in the oven and hoo boy, is it me or is it hot in here? (it's probably Gilbert tbh but don't tell him I said that out loud 🤐)
  • The Discord server will be getting a slight up-lift too, with new channels, showcase areas, a more fullfilling FAQ and who knows what else!
  • We are making extensions even more awesome than they were before! Easier to add, easier to create, and even an improved code editor!
  • Statistics will come back, and if they do, they'll be better than ever. They'll also be conforming to Discord's standards for statistics bots. Wondering how that's going to look like? Check out Discord's article.
  • GAwesomePoints, our Discord karma system and currency in one, will get a complete overhaul. Think currency spending and more!

And we want YOU, yes, you, to tell us what you want to see added in GAwesomeBot-Next! Go wild (to a certain degree), request features, and if we like them, we might add them too! Or, if you're one of those mysterious "code wizards", you can submit a PR with your feature. That's right; GAwesomeBot's core will stay open source, forever.