GADriver Migration Development

By GG142, published 2 years ago

Spooky development post

Warning: This is a spooky development post, meant only for the most spooky kind of people: Developers.

This is actually a really short post, and I won't go into a lot of technical details because I'm tired and I've spent the entire day on creating said technical details.

So then what are we doing here?

Well, probably to find out what we've been doing while GAB Dev was down. If you've taken a peek at GAB's Commit History in the past months, you probably already have an idea of what I've been cooking up in my cauldron: GADriver.

What is GADriver?

GADriver is our own shot at creating a library wrapping the official node.js MongoDB Driver specifically for GAB. Prior to GADriver, we were using Mongoose. However, mongoose was giving us trouble when it came to saving or validating documents with large arrays (for example, members) and has been the cause for almost every performence issue we've had with GAB. You can see mongoose as the major antagonist in this arc, and GADRiver as the magical artificat that the heroic and awesome and super sexy protagonist Gilbert uses to safe the day, just like he did all those days before with his amazing wit and magical powe-- I somehow feel like we've been moving slightly off-track. Where were we again?

Your DB Driver and example of bad naming standards

Oh right, yes. Hold on, GANamingStandardâ„¢ is perfect! Regardless, GADriver has been taking a lot of time - both to develop and to implement - due to my rocky development schedules and the fact that I've been working on it completely alone. Because of this, I feel like I would be lying if I said GADriver wasn't rushed in the slightest. The migration finished the same day GAB Dev came back online, so there's bound to be plenty of bugs. I would personally consider appreciating you as a fellow human being if you report a bug to our GitHub repo when you find one. And don't shout at me, top priority action to avoid.

Anything else? I've got to get back to that other post.

Haha, don't worry. I can't get enough of that great Gilbert guy either.

That should be all! If you have any questions, suck it. Then, once you're done sucking it, you can ask them nicely in our Discord server and I'll get back to you. Or someone else will. Life is crazy and you never know where it takes you.

Thanks for reading,
Gilbert "Writes too much" Gobbels